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Havanese Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About The Havanese Dog Breed

[UltraVid id=6 ][Music] a charming companion and loving lap dog the Havanese has won many a heart this lovable little ball of fur makes friends with everyone he meets whether human or animal thanks to his bubbly personality and hypoallergenic coat you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with this quick learning family extension hi welcome to animal facts today we look at the Havana silk dog that are known as the Havanese let’s get started but before we start take a moment to like a subscribe for more fun fun facts there’s no value doggy in the comments below number 10 the heaven ease is a member of the Bashan family which includes two Bichon Frise Maltese and Balinese he shares they’re typically playful friendly temperament and soft plentiful coat the well-traveled ajaan breeds dawn in the mediterranean from there they made their way around the world bringing smiles along with them named a name in the 18th century the Vishal’s landed on the Caribbean island of Cuba with the Spanish settlers there the heavenlies formed his own distinctive cuban style with a silky insulating coat and tolerance for heat along with a combination of colors rather than the standard white of other Bichon breeds he is the only breed of dog considered native to Cuba and mate with the cuban revolution in 1959 the breed fell on hard times and some fled the country with Cuban refugees eleven of them came to the United States and in 1979 the Havanese Club of America was formed the Havanese was admitted to the American Kennel Club’s twittery in 1999 it is said that all Havanese in the US are direct descendants of those eleven dogs that plagued communist Cuba with the reopening of Cuban relations we look forward to seeing what is the store for the heavenlies near acidic brett has a companion dog for the wealthy families of cuba he’s definitely a house dog and he said to have a Velcro personality the heaven he shares his affection with everyone including strangers children other dogs and even cats but his family will get the lion’s share of his love the potential downside to all this devotion is that one own the heaven ease is not a happy dog he’s definitely not about yard dog memory 6 the Havanese does well in all Tyson housing from apartments to home to large yards but he’ll probably Bart when he sees someone passing by the house but when he hears a strange noise the good news is that he doesn’t just barked for the sake of hearing his own voice yeah we fully expect disagreement in this fact many Havanese like to perch on the back of a sofa or a chair looking at the window so they can announce visitors member 5 it’s only natural for a dog bred to be with the elite would find himself with the elite famous pet parents of having these pooches include Barbara Walters Venus Williams Joan Rivers

Queen and Queen Victoria Charles Dickens and Ernest Hemingway min defy the Havanese does have an independence tree being at least mildly stubborn but they are not a dominant breed they respond well to training that includes food reports and they especially love learning tricks many individuals excel in competitive obedience and agility the most problematic training issue is housebreaking they have it easy to slow to house-train min ba’di this code is beautiful but without frequent brushing and combing the Havanese becomes a matted mess if you can’t commit to all this brushing commit to frequent clipping to keep us code short neat and healthy count a puppy pet I mean who doesn’t want a permanent puppy number 10 although they are small they do require some exercise this should include a daily walk of 30 minutes or so and several outdoor playtime activities during the week many enjoy running free although this should only be allowed in a fenced-in secure area with supervision min day away once introduced to Europe debris was referred to as having euros or white humans he gained the attention of fanciers as a popular performing dog and as a pet of influential people his popularity is a pet however declined and many owners begin using him as a circus or trick dog all over Europe want more fun fun effects go ahead and smash that subscribe button and hit the notification icon to not miss a single fact if you like this video go ahead and hit that like button hey this fan work well that other button also works if you’d like to help us grow consider becoming a patron on patreon or clicking the PayPal link on Halifax not us in and always catch you next time

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