10 Tips for Selecting a Havanese Breeder

Here are 10 Tips for Selecting a Havanese Breeder:

You don’t just hire the first Havanese breeder you meet. After all, you’re ready to spend a lot of money to train your dog. It’s a considerable investment in both time and money, so you may as well invest some effort in the way you select a Havanese breeder.

So here are some tips you should follow so that you can actually find a good Havanese breeder:

  1. The best breeders tend to exhibit great passion and knowledge about the breed. They love their dogs, and they really make sure that they go to good homes. So you should expect to be grilled and to be asked to provide references. They won’t sell you a dog if they don’t think your home is suitable for a puppy or for the breed in general.


This means they’ll ask you about your lifestyle and how many hours you work. You’ll be asked about the other members of your household too, and you’ll also be asked about your plans and expectations for the puppy.


On the other hand, they’ll answer all your questions gladly.

A good Havanese breeder will conduct—and show proof—that the following tests have been taken: BAER for hearing, the yearly CERF test for eyes, the OFA for hip dysplasia and elbows test done after two years of age, and the Patella and Cardiac tests done after the first year.

Health testing for this breed goes way beyond just taking them to the vet. You need to verify that the health tests are documented at http://www.offa.org.




  1. A good Havanese breeder tends to specialize and breed just one dog breed. That’s because it’s hard enough to be an expert in one breed. Breeding more than one type of dog oftentimes doesn’t produce quality dogs.
  2. Their home is well-maintained and clean. You don’t really want to deal with a breeder who won’t allow you to visit their home, so you shouldn’t meet off-site.
  3. Knowledgeable Havanese breeders know that this is a very social breed. They really need to be with their human contacts, so they shouldn’t live outside or in kennels. A good breeder will also stress the importance of socialization should you get a puppy.
  4. Good breeders don’t advertise online or in newspaper classified ads. Yet despite this, they usually have waiting lists for their puppies.
  5. They have American Kennel Club (AKC) or Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registered parents and pups. If they don’t, it’s not a good sign.
  6. They email you a copy of their standard puppy owner contract when you ask. This contract details the rights of the seller and buyer. It shows the health information and genetic health guarantees, and spells out the return policy.
  7. Good breeders are always available for questions even after you receive your dog.
  8.  A good Havanese breeder also asks you to return the dog (no questions asked) if you can’t care for your dog anymore.





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