All about Havanese Dogs! Behaviours, Characteristics and more!

We  are going to go through all of the characteristics and behaviors of the [popup_product]Havanese breed[/popup_product] his week.

The Havanese is among the most joyful and lively of the toy dog breeds also it’s also really sturdy and very intelligent.

They make truly excellent family dogs, and they love nothing more than spending time cuddling their people. Now, they’re a breed recognized to suffer with separation anxiety, and they don;t do nicely left for long periods on their own. When you are out at work to get quite a long time then they could not be the right breed for you personally. As a result of this, Havanese owners are known to whine about their dogs when they get left on their very own venting.


[popup_product]Havanese [/popup_product]dogs like to learn tricks and they respond well to any training that involves a reward of food at the end of it. Yet, they could be tough to housebreak. Because their fur doesn’t shed much at all this breed is great for allergy sufferers. But due to the length of their jacket, until you maintain it clipped short it will require regular grooming and brushing. They often also develop mats in their hair. Havanese dogs have earned the nickname ‘velcro dog’ because they stick so close to his humans side.

But don’t simply write him off as a lap dog, they are quite playful, lively, simple to train as well as a great family pet. They get on well with other animals as well as children. So there are a few other facts that you might want to understand just about to come up on the screen, but we expect you enjoyed the video. .

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