[UltraVid id=2 ]hey guys what is up here today I’m back with a new video and today I’m just gonna show you guys some tricks my dog can do because we just have taught him quite a lot and I thought that it might be interesting for you guys now so let’s go you you you okay so now that we’re done with this we’re gonna go on to the boxes and if you don’t know what I mean by that just keep on watching he just made his jump basically that was my video for today with my doggy my doggy and I hope you guys enjoyed and make sure to stay tuned for many more cool fun videos coming up soon oh and by the way if you guys want to know what breathe and what’s his name and how old is he he is one and a half his name is Yolo good it’s so true we only live once and his oh and his breed he is a heaven eeee they have come from Cuba for a long time and so I hope you guys definitely enjoyed those tricks that I showed you but they’re super fun to do and I hope you guys enjoyed and make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and see you guys next time

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