A Havanese traces its beginnings from the now extinct Bichon dog Blanquito de la Havana that was cross-bred along with a poodle to make this well loved National Dog of Cuba. Havanese are small yet sturdy dogs along with folded ears and tails that are often carried on their backs. They have actually long silky coats that are soft, light and hair-like and they come in all colors, from pure white to black and various other combinations.

Despite being a toy dog, Havanese is not as fragile as various other dog breeds. They can weigh anywhere from 7 to 13 pounds and between 8.5 to 11.5 inches tall. They have actually a body that is slightly longer than their withers, making them longer than they are tall. Havanese dogs have actually a strong and lively gait, when they run they have actually a strong rear drive and because they have actually slightly shorter upper arms they can often appear to bounce up and down. This adds to the playfulness of their character.

The Havanese is a bright, playful and clever toy dog; they are able to interact well along with various other pets and are perfect for children. It is rare for a Havanese to be shy; they love to be the center of attention and will certainly often resort to performing tricks that they have actually learned to get people’s attention. They have actually even earned the reputation of being circus dogs, because of their ability to quickly learn and perform tricks. They love learning brand-new tricks and performing them. This dog breed needs a lot of activity, despite its size; they need constant physical and mental exercise. If the Havanese is not able to have actually enough activity, it can become difficult and even depressed.

Although the Havanese is not a possessive dog breed, they love following their humans around. They thrive to be in constant company of their owners and are quite people oriented. As much as they enjoy their physical activities, they are additionally rather content sitting on their owner’s laps and cuddling. along with a good amount of socialization and play, they are rarely nervous and because they are a sturdy breed, it is okay for them to be subjected to the rough play of children. They are additionally gentle and responsive, because they aim to please, it is rather easy to teach them brand-new tricks and often do well in obedience competitions. They are quite sensitive to the temperament of their owners that a slight adjustment in tone is enough to get them to follow instructions so no harsh punishment is necessary.

As cute as these toy dogs are, they additionally have actually their not so lovable traits. They can be finicky eaters and can be rather difficult to housebreak, a trait proven to exist in most Bichon family dog breeds. While friendliness is a good trait it can additionally become a problem along with a Havanese since they are sometimes too friendly even along with strangers, for this reason they can not be expected to act as guard dogs. They can additionally suffer from separation anxiety and may tend to bark excessively or chew on furniture or shoes if left alone for rather some time or without any training. Overall the Havanese is a terrific pet yet owners need to keep in mind that as along with any various other creature, they need care and attention for them to thrive and be happy.
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