Seven Tips for Finding the Perfect Havanese Breeder


Havanese puppies are generally sweet-natured and eager to please, making it an excellent choice for many families.

With its modest size, these puppies could operate nicely in an apartment including a house, so long as they can be walked regularly. Because of its wisdom, the Havanese puppy will generally be not too hard to train.

The Havanese puppy is usually a mild-mannered (although some can be aggressive when playing with fellow puppies), caring dog that is not too difficult to train and gratifying to have around. Their compact size make them the ideal choice for house and flat living equally.

Pet stores are generally not the smartest choice for purchasing a pet, since many of these animals have come from puppy mills that place more emphasis on turning in supplying healthy, high-quality animals available for sale. You’re able to find a breeder through your veterinarian or through the Web, buddies who possess Havanese or through this site.

A superb breeder will probably manage to offer you paperwork showing your dog’s lineage and presenting any potential genetic issues that may maintain the line. A reputable breeder will likely be more interested in improving the Havanese breed and finding good homes for his animals, in the place of just turning a profit on the dogs.

Your breeder of choice will invite you over to have a look at his latest litter of Havanese pups. Rest assured that each creature in the bunch is likely to be cute enough to tempt you to take him home. . Before you arrive on the breeder’s doorstep know the sort of dog that you’re searching for, including the gender that you favor. This will definitely allow your breeder to help you find the correct dog for you.   If you are getting two puppies make sure one is male and one is female as two dogs of the same gender are more prone to getting into fights.

With all training and the proper attention, a Havanese will make the perfect companion and a fantastic family pet. Have some fun with your Havanese!


A great breeder will be capable of offer you paperwork showing your own dog’s lineage and presenting any possible genetic problems that may take the line. A reputable breeder will be more considering finding great homes for his creatures and improving the Havanese breed, as an alternative to merely turning a profit on the dogs.

There are several “red flags” that you should consider when interviewing a breeder:

1. Puppies that have not been socialized
2. Puppies that have not seen a veterinarian
3. Breeders that are reluctant to give you references
4. Breeders that breed more than one breed of dog
5. Breeders that won’t allow you to see their breeding facility or environment
6. Breeder facilities that look like puppy mills
7. Puppies that appear dirty or smell/living in poor conditions
8. Breeders that don’t work with a veterinarian providing good quality prenatal care to the bitch
9. Breeders that don’t take the puppies to their veterinarian in for general “wellness care” and health certificates
10. Breeders that won’t give you a guarantee
11. Breeders that don’t want to you meet the pups parents
12. Breeders that sell to pet stores

With all training and the correct attention, a Havanese will make a terrific family pet along with the right companion. Have fun with your Havanese!

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